(chibi locale) 0.1.0

A lightweight library for representing locale information and serializing to and from strings

This Snow package is federated from http://snow-fort.org/. Installation requires Akku >=0.5.0.

Original version number: 0.1

Original license field: (bsd)

Maintainers: Alex Shinn <alexshinn@gmail.com>.

$ akku update
$ akku install "(chibi locale)"
$ .akku/env

Alex Shinn





Package contents

  • (chibi locale-test) R7
    • → run-tests
    • ← (scheme base) R7
    • ← (chibi locale)
    • ← (chibi test)
  • (chibi locale) R7
    • → locale? make-locale locale= locale-includes? locale-generalize locale-language locale-script locale-region locale-variant locale-extensions locale->string string->locale locale:root locale:arabic locale:german locale:english locale:spanish locale:french locale:hindi locale:italian locale:japanese locale:korean locale:dutch locale:polish locale:portuguese locale:russian locale:thai locale:turkish locale:chinese
    • ← (scheme base) R7

Version history

  • 2022-01-10 ~ 0.1.0