NameLatest versionSynopsis
ac-d-bus1.0.0-beta.0AC/D-Bus - D-Bus wire protocol
adios0.1.0A simple prototype-based object system for Chez Scheme that supports single inheritance
aeolus0.0.0-akku.34.2a43103R7RS cryptographic library
agave0.0.1-akku.103.f95c7dfLow-glycemic OpenGL hacking for R6RS Scheme
akku1.1.0Language package manager for Scheme
akku-r7rs1.0.1R7RS standard library for Akku.scm
arew-blake30.9.0blake3 cryptographic hashing for Chez Scheme
arew-json1.0.0-alpha.0JSON reader and writer for Chez Scheme
(arvyy interface)1.0.0Interface abstraction for a set of functions
(arvyy mustache)1.0.2Mustache templating 1.2.1 implementation
(bcaine defstruct)0.0.1A more convenient version of `define-record-type`, inspired by Chicken's `defstruct`, including SRFI-17 setters
(bcaine format)0.0.1A `format`, `printf` and `sprintf` somewhat in the style of Chicken Scheme
(bcaine misc-util)1.0.1A collection of miscellaneous utilities I'm used to having. (Mostly from Chicken Scheme.)
(bcaine obj)0.0.7An object system very similar to Chicken's COOPS
(bcaine sld-stub-expand)0.0.1Expands library declarations (`define-unprocessed-library` instead of `define-library`), and generates export statements for all the identifiers in .stub files
box2d-lite0.0.0-akku.38.56f4ed1Scheme port of the Box2D Lite physics engine
chez-cmark1.0.0-alpha.0CommonMark FFI Bindings for Chez
chez-csv2.0.1-alphaChez Scheme CSV library.
chez-docs0.3.2Access Chez Scheme documentation from the REPL.
chez-gl1.0.03D library: GL, GLU and GLUT for Chez Scheme
chez-matrices0.3.0-alpha.0Implementation of common matrix (tensor) constructions and operatoins.
chez-mit0.0.0-alpha.0A MIT/GNU Scheme compatibility library for Chez Scheme
chez-scmutils0.0.0-alpha.0A port of the ‘MIT Scmutils’ library to Chez Scheme
chez-sockets0.0.0-akku.13.c3fc663.1Full Blown, portable, and extensible sockets library for Chez Scheme
chez-soop1.0.0-alpha.2SOOP Library fork from Chez Repository
chez-srfi0.0.0-akku.209.552cd37Portable SRFI collection
chez-stats0.1.6Read and write delimited text files, compute descriptive statistics, and generate random variates in Chez Scheme.
(chibi app)0.9.0Unified command-line option parsing and config management
(chibi assert)0.10.0A nice assert macro
(chibi base64)0.9.0RFC 3548 base64 encoding and decoding utilities
(chibi binary-record)0.9.0synopsis missing
(chibi bytevector)0.9.0Additional bytevector utilities
(chibi char-set)0.9.0A minimal character set library
(chibi char-set boundary)0.9.0Char-sets used for TR29 word boundaries
(chibi config)0.9.0This is a library for unified configuration management
(chibi crypto md5)0.9.0Implementation of the MD5 (Message Digest) cryptographic hash
(chibi crypto rsa)0.9.0RSA public key cryptography implementation
(chibi crypto sha2)0.9.0Implementation of the SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm) cryptographic hash
(chibi diff)0.9.1synopsis missing
(chibi edit-distance)0.9.0synopsis missing
(chibi filesystem)0.9.0Interface to the filesystem and file descriptor objects
(chibi html-parser)0.5.7A permissive HTML parser supporting scalable streaming with a tree folding interface
(chibi irregex)0.9.3A portable and efficient R[4567]RS implementation of regular expressions, supporting both POSIX syntax with various (irregular) PCRE extensions, as well as SCSH's SRE syntax
(chibi iset)0.9.0A space efficient integer set (iset) implementation, optimized for minimal space usage and fast membership lookup
(chibi locale)0.1.0A lightweight library for representing locale information and serializing to and from strings
(chibi match)0.9.1A portable hygienic pattern matcher
(chibi math linalg)0.3.0synopsis missing
(chibi math prime)0.10.0Prime and number theoretic utilities
(chibi math stats)0.1.0Statistics is the branch of mathematics dealing with the collection and analysis of data
(chibi mecab)0.1.0A wrapper around MeCab, a part-of-speech and morphological analyzer for Japanese
(chibi mime)0.9.0A library to parse MIME headers and bodies into SXML
(chibi monad environment)0.9.0A Scheme take on the environment (reader) monad, focusing more on being efficient and convenient than pure
(chibi net dns)0.2.0Domain Name Service library, with high-level utilities for address, mx and text record lookups
(chibi net smtp)0.1.0Easy mail interface
(chibi optional)0.9.1Syntax to support optional and named keyword arguments
(chibi parse)0.9.0A parser combinator library with optional memoization and convenient syntax
(chibi pathname)0.9.0A general, non-filesystem-specific pathname library
(chibi quoted-printable)0.9.0RFC 2045 quoted printable encoding and decoding utilities
(chibi regexp)0.9.0A regular expression engine implementing SRFI 115 using a non-backtracking Thompson NFA algorithm
(chibi scribble)0.9.0A library used for parsing "scribble" format, introduced by Racket and the format used to write this manual
(chibi show)0.7.3A library of procedures for formatting Scheme objects to text in various ways, and for easily concatenating, composing and extending these formatters
(chibi snow commands)0.0.0synopsis missing
(chibi sqlite3)0.7.0synopsis missing
(chibi ssl)0.1.0Basic bindings for establishing SSL connections
(chibi string)0.9.0A cursor-oriented string library
(chibi sxml)0.9.0Utilities to convert sxml to xml or plain text
(chibi tar)0.9.0synopsis missing
(chibi temp-file)0.9.0synopsis missing
(chibi term ansi)0.9.0A library to use ANSI escape codes to format text and background color, font weigh, and underlining
(chibi term edit-line)0.9.0synopsis missing
(chibi test)0.9.0Simple but extensible testing framework with advanced reporting
(chibi uri)0.9.0Library for parsing and constructing URI objects
(chibi voting)0.1.0Preferential voting utilities to help come to reasonable decisions when there are more than 2 options
(chibi xgboost)0.1.0synopsis missing
(chibi xlib)0.1.0Minimal xlib bindings
(chrisoei cint)0.1.0Compute cint coefficients
(chrisoei test)0.0.1Additional testing utilities
(comparators)1.0.0SRFI 128: Comparators (reduced) reference implementation
compression0.1.2Decompresses zlib, xz, gzip, lzma, lzma2; extracts tar, zip
conjure0.1.0-akku.84.19f3aaeScheme make(1) replacement
(cyclone iset)1.0.0synopsis missing
(cyclone iset base)1.0.0synopsis missing
(cyclone iset constructors)1.0.0synopsis missing
(cyclone iset iterators)1.0.0synopsis missing
(cyclone iset optimize)1.0.0synopsis missing
dataframe0.8.0A dataframe record type for Scheme (R6RS) with procedures to select, drop, and rename columns, and filter, sort, split, bind, append, join, reshape, and aggregate dataframes.
dharmalab0.0.0-akku.53.aba65fbExperimental libraries
(dockerfile)0.1.0Scheme DSL to build Dockerfiles
dollar-sign1.1.0Adds dollar sign string interpolation
dorodango0.0.0-akku.268.4344beaPackage manager for R6RS implementations
(edn)0.2.0EDN is a data format from the Clojure ecosystem
fectors0.1.1-akku.v0.1-5-g6c05617Functional Vectors for Scheme
(fisherro pipe)1.0.0Pipelining syntax
fs-fatfs0.1.0FAT filesystem library
fs-partitions1.0.0-beta.0Disk partition table reader (MBR/GPT)
(generators)1.0.2SRFI 121: Generators reference implementation
gnuplot-pipe0.4.0Port of gnuplot-pipe egg for Chicken Scheme to Chez Scheme.
guile-lib0.2.6Useful code written in Guile Scheme
hashing1.3.0CRC, HMAC, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, xxHash
ijputils0.0.0-akku.42.1370c75A bunch of scheme junk :)
(in-progress hash bimaps)0.0.3Bimaps (HashTablesCowan)
(in-progress hash tables)0.0.3Hash tables (HashTablesCowan)
(independentresearch xattr)0.2.0synopsis missing
industria2.2.0Cryptography, OTR, SSH, OpenPGP, etc.
influx-client1.0.0InfluxDB line protocol and client
ip-address1.1.0IP address parsing and formatting
irc-protocol1.0.0IRC protocol utilities
iteratees0.0.0-akku.9.e298a57Functional processing of sequential chunked data
(jkode sassy)0.2.1A portable assembler for x86 processors
json-tools0.1.1-akku.15.7.23Collection of JSON utilities
laesare1.0.2Scheme lexer and reader
(lassik dockerfile)0.1.0Scheme DSL to build Dockerfiles
(lassik shell-quote)0.1.0Little Scheme DSL to build shell command lines
(lassik string-inflection)0.1.1lisp-case under_score CapsUpper capsLower
(lassik trivial-tar-writer)0.1.0Simplest way to output uncompressed .tar file
(lassik unpack-assoc)0.1.0Alist/hash-table destructuring case macros
lcs0.0.0-akku.3.6f5f5a4Longest Common Subsequence (LCS)
(lightweight-testing)0.1.0SRFI-78 implemented as a wrapper around (chibi test)
linenoise1.0.1Readline replacement via PFFI
loko-srfi1.0.1Extra SRFIs (sockets) for Loko Scheme
(macduffie json)0.9.5JSON reader and writer
machine-code2.2.0Assembler for x86, ELF reader, various disassemblers
monad0.0.0-akku.12.6f0115fVarious monads
mpl0.0.0-akku.146.3469e3cComputer Algebra and Symbolic Computation
mummel0.1.0-alpha.0Mumble voice chat protocol
nanopass1.9.2Nanopass Compiler Infrastructure
(nytpu contracts)0.1.1Design by Contracts for R7RS
(nytpu getopt)1.2.0POSIX getopt(3), in compliance with POSIX 2008
ocelotl0.0.0-akku.42.0c6aadaLibrary collection centered around HTTP
(okmij ssax)5.4.0Functional XML parsing framework
oleg0.0.0-akku.2.c682687Libraries written by Oleg ported to Chez Scheme
packrat0.1.1Packrat parser library
pfds0.3.0Purely Functional Data Structures
(pfds alist)1.0.0Convenience functions for working with association lists
(pfds bitwise)1.0.0Bitwise arithmetic utilities
(pfds bounded-balance-tree)1.0.0Bounded balance tree
(pfds deque)1.0.0Purely functional deques
(pfds difference-list)1.0.0Difference lists
(pfds fector)1.0.0Functional vectors
(pfds fingertree)1.0.0Fingertree: A simple general-purpose data structure
(pfds hash-array-mapped-trie)1.0.0Hash array mapped tries
(pfds heap)1.0.0Heap data structure
(pfds lazy-list)1.0.0Odd lazy lists
(pfds list-helpers)1.0.0List utility functions
(pfds priority-search-queue)1.0.0Priority search queues
(pfds queue)1.0.0Purely functional queues
(pfds sequence)1.0.0Purely functional sequences
(pfds set)1.0.0Purely functional sets
(pfds vector)1.0.0Some utility functions for working with vectors
(postgresql)17.9.26R7RS portable PostgreSQL binding
quickcheck0.0.0-akku.10.cc5cc2dA quickcheck-alike
r6lint0.1.0Linter for R6RS libraries and programs
(r6rs arithmetic fixnums)0.0.1Port of (rnrs arithmetic fixnums) to R7RS
(r6rs base)0.0.1Port of (rnrs base) to R7RS
(r6rs bytevectors)0.0.1Port of (rnrs bytevectors) to R7RS
(r6rs control)0.0.1Port of (rnrs control) to R7RS
(r6rs enums)0.0.1Port of (rnrs enums) to R7RS
(r6rs eval)0.0.1Port of (rnrs eval) to R7RS
(r6rs exceptions)0.0.1Port of (rnrs exceptions) to R7RS
(r6rs files)0.0.1Port of (rnrs files) to R7RS
(r6rs hashtables)0.0.1Port of (rnrs hashtables) to R7RS
(r6rs io simple)0.0.1Port of (rnrs io simple) to R7RS
(r6rs lists)0.0.1Port of (rnrs lists) to R7RS
(r6rs mutable-pairs)0.0.1Port of (rnrs mutable-pairs) to R7RS
(r6rs mutable-strings)0.0.1Port of (rnrs mutable-strings) to R7RS
(r6rs programs)0.0.1Port of (rnrs programs) to R7RS
(r6rs r5rs)0.0.1Port of (rnrs r5rs) to R7RS
(r6rs sorting)0.0.1Port of (rnrs sorting) to R7RS
(r6rs unicode)0.0.1Port of (rnrs unicode) to R7RS
(r6rs unicode-reference unicode0)0.0.1Helper library for (rnrs unicode)
(r6rs unicode-reference unicode1)0.0.1Helper library for (rnrs unicode)
(r6rs unicode-reference unicode2)0.0.1Helper library for (rnrs unicode)
(r6rs unicode-reference unicode3)0.0.1Helper library for (rnrs unicode)
(r6rs unicode-reference unicode4)0.0.1Helper library for (rnrs unicode)
r6rs-ad0.0.0-akku.160.a1b8db1Automatic Differentiation and more
r6rs-clos1.0.0Tiny CLOS
r6rs-coap0.1.1Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP)
r6rs-monads0.1.0-akku.17.76e857Generic syntax for working with monads
r6rs-mongodb0.0.190423MongoDB client and BSON
r6rs-msgpack0.5.7MessagePack for R6RS Scheme
r6rs-pffi1.6.0Portable Foreign Function Interface (2023-01-02)
r6rs-protobuf0.9.0Protocol Buffers for R6RS Scheme
r6rs-psystem0.0.181217OS name and libc-loading for PFFI
r6rs-redis0.0.190103Client for the Redis key-value store
r6rs-slice0.0.0-akku.6.5f41a23Slice lists, vectors, strings and bytevectors
r6rs-thrift0.1.0Implementation of the Apache Thrift framework
r6rs-usocket0.0.200218portable sockets library
racr0.0.0-akku.756.c7d3fe0Reference Attribute Grammar Controlled Rewriting
(rapid analyze-library)0.1.0Analyze R7RS library definitions
(rapid and-let)0.1.0And with local bindings compatible with SRFI 2
(rapid args-fold)0.1.0A program argument processor compatible with SRFI 37
(rapid assume)0.1.0Assumptions compatible with SRFI 145
(rapid box)0.1.1Boxes compatible with SRFI 111
(rapid comparator)0.1.1Comparators compatible with SRFI 128
(rapid eliminate-mutable-variables)0.1.0Eliminate mutable variables
(rapid fix-letrec)0.1.0Fixing letrec
(rapid format)0.1.0Basic format strings compatible with SRFI 28
(rapid generator)0.1.0Generators compatible with SRFI 121
(rapid graph)0.1.0Graph algorithms
(rapid identity)0.1.0Unique identities
(rapid library-definition)0.1.2R7RS library definitions
(rapid list)0.1.0List library compatible with SRFI 1
(rapid mapping)0.1.1Mappings compatible with SRFI 146
(rapid match)0.1.5A pattern matcher
(rapid quasiquote)0.1.1Extended quasiquotation with ellipses
(rapid rbtree)0.1.0Red-Black Trees
(rapid read)0.1.3Scheme reader with source-location information
(rapid receive)0.1.0Binding to multiple values compatible with SRFI 8
(rapid set)0.1.0Sets and bags compatible with SRFI 113
(rapid syntax)0.1.2Syntax objects encapsulating Scheme datums together with source-location information
(rapid test)0.1.3A Scheme API for test suites compatible to SRFI 64
(rapid vector)0.1.0Vector library compatible with SRFI 133
(rapid vicinity)0.1.0Vicinity compatible with SRFI 59
(read-char-if)0.1.0synopsis missing
(rebottled cl-pdf)1.0.0Low level functions for generating PDF files
(rebottled pregexp)0.0.20050502Dorai Sitaram's portable regular expressions
(rebottled pstk)1.7.0Portable Scheme Interface to the Tk GUI Toolkit
(rebottled schelog)0.0.20150602Dorai Sitaram's Schelog: logic programming in Scheme
(retropikzel scgi)0.2.2Portable Simple Common Gateway Interface implementation
riastradh0.0.0-akku.16.9714b5cLibraries by Taylor Campbell ported to Chez Scheme
(robin abbrev)1.0.0Create unique abbreviations for a list of strings
(robin directory)1.0.0Some useful directory functions
(robin disjoint-set)1.0.0A disjoint-set data structure
(robin logger)1.0.0A simple logging library for outputting messages while a program is running
(robin statistics)1.0.0A library of functions to compute statistical or other information about sets of data
(robin text)1.0.0A collection of functions for working with strings or text documents, including similarity measures, a stemmer and layout
scheme-bytestructures1.0.6-akku.0Structured access to bytevector contents
scheme-langserver1.2.0This package is a language server protocol implementation helping scheme programming.
scheme-specs0.0.3Ruby-style spec testing library
(sdl2)1.0.4Bindings for SDL2
(sdl2 obj)0.0.2OOP bindings for SDL2. Currently a work-in-progress
(sdl2-image)1.0.1Bindings for SDL2_image
(sdl2-mixer)1.0.0Bindings for SDL2_mixer
semver1.0.4Semantic Versioning and ranges
seq0.0.1-beta.0This library provides tools for efficiently building up complex list structures.
(shell-quote)0.1.0Little Scheme DSL to build shell command lines
(slib alist)3.1.5Some functions for working with association lists
(slib array-for-each)3.1.5Applicative routines for arrays/matrices
(slib array-interpolate)3.1.5Interpolated array access
(slib byte)3.1.5Arrays of small integers, not necessarily chars
(slib byte-number)3.1.5Byte integer and IEEE floating-point conversions
(slib chapter-order)3.1.5Chapter ordering
(slib charplot)3.1.5Plotting histograms/graphs in characters
(slib coerce)3.1.5Implementation of COMMON-LISP COERCE and TYPE-OF
(slib color)3.1.5Color data type
(slib color-space)3.1.5Color-space conversions
(slib common)3.1.5SLIB core functions
(slib common-lisp-time)3.1.5Common-Lisp time conversion routines
(slib common-list-functions)3.1.5Some common list functions
(slib daylight)3.1.5Model of sun and sky colors
(slib determinant)3.1.5Matrix Algebra
(slib directory)3.1.5Directories
(slib dynamic)3.1.5Dynamic data type
(slib factor)3.1.5Factorization, prime test and generation
(slib filename)3.1.5String matching for filenames (glob, a la BASH)
(slib format)3.1.5Common LISP text output formatter
(slib fourier-transform)3.1.5Discrete Fourier Transform
(slib generic-write)3.1.5Generic write
(slib line-io)3.1.5Line oriented input/output functions
(slib math-integer)3.1.5Mathematical functions restricted to exact integers
(slib math-real)3.1.5Mathematical functions restricted to real numbers
(slib minimize)3.1.5Finds minimum value of a function
(slib modular)3.1.5Modular fixnum arithmetic
(slib nbs-iscc)3.1.5NBS/ISCC Color System
(slib posix-time)3.1.5POSIX time conversion routines
(slib pprint-file)3.1.5Pretty print a Scheme file
(slib pretty-print)3.1.5Pretty printing
(slib printf)3.1.5Implementation of standard C functions
(slib queue)3.1.5Queue/Stack data structure
(slib random-inexact)3.1.5Pseudo-Random inexact real numbers
(slib rationalize)3.1.5Find simplest number ratios
(slib resene)3.1.5Resene Color System
(slib rev2-procedures)3.1.5Implementation of some R2RS procedures eliminated in subsequence versions
(slib saturate)3.1.5Saturated Color Dictionary
(slib scanf)3.1.5Implementation of POSIX-style formatted input
(slib soundex)3.1.5Original Soundex algorithm
(slib string-case)3.1.5String casing functions
(slib string-port)3.1.5Portable string ports
(slib string-search)3.1.5Functions for working with and searching within strings
(slib subarray)3.1.5Accessing parts of arrays
(slib time-core)3.1.5Core time conversion routines
(slib time-zone)3.1.5Compute timezones and DST from TZ environment variable
(slib topological-sort)3.1.5Topological sort
(slib tree)3.1.5Implementation of COMMON LISP tree functions
(slib tzfile)3.1.5Read sysV style (binary) timezone file
(slib uri)3.1.5Construct and decode Uniform Resource Identifiers
(slib wt-tree)3.1.5Weight balanced trees
(slib xml-parse)3.1.5XML parsing and conversion to SXML
spdx1.0.0SPDX license expressions and such
spells0.0.0-akku.509.1bfe3b8Portability and utility library
(srfi 156)1.0.0Reference implementation of SRFI-156: Syntactic combiners for binary predicates
(srfi 166)0.8.0synopsis missing
(srfi 175)1.1.0SRFI 175: ASCII character library
(srfi 179)0.10.0synopsis missing
(srfi 19)1.0.1Implementation of SRFI 19 'Time Data Types and Procedures'
(srfi 197)1.3.0SRFI 197: Pipeline Operators
(srfi 235)1.0.0SRFI 235: Combinators
(srfi 28)0.9.0SRFI 28: Basic Format Strings
(srfi 42)0.1.0synopsis missing
(srfi 60)1.0.0Bit access and operations
(srfi 63)1.0.0Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Arrays
(srfi 64)0.1.0Reference implementation of SRFI-54: A Scheme API for test suites
(srfi 78)0.1.0synopsis missing
(string-inflection)0.1.1lisp-case under_score CapsUpper capsLower
struct-pack1.1.1Pack/unpack syntax for byte structures
surfage0.0.0-akku.12.895f16aSRFI collection: (surfage s1 lists), etc
swish0.0.0-akku.259.842f51fSwish Concurrency Engine (like Erlang/Node)
TerribleTLS1.0.0Inadvisible pure-Scheme TLS 1.2 client
(tex-parser)0.1.0synopsis missing
text-mode1.0.0Text-mode console library (like curses)
thunderchez0.0.0-akku.121.9d6344aMonorepo of various libraries for Chez Scheme
(thunknyc expand-braces)0.1.1Expand UNIX-shell style brace expressions
(thunknyc json)0.1.3Simple JSON parsing library
(trivial-tar-writer)0.1.0Simplest way to output uncompressed .tar file
ufo-coroutines1.0.3This package is a dependable coroutine package for chez scheme.
ufo-match1.0.0This package is a dependable match macro library for chez scheme.
ufo-socket1.0.0I did not edit Akku.manifest
ufo-thread-pool1.0.3This package is a dependable thread pool package for chez scheme.
ufo-threaded-function1.0.4This package contains threaded-map, threaded-vector-map and such threaded functions for chez scheme.
(unpack-assoc)0.1.0Alist/hash-table destructuring case macros
uuid1.0.0-beta.0Generate and analyze UUIDs
wak-common0.1.0-akku.15.6d495fcCommon infrastructure for the Wak ports
wak-fmt0.8.0-akku.10.d5b2a5aCombinator Formatting Library
wak-foof-loop0.0.0-akku.4.a7b9cd8Extensible looping library
wak-htmlprag0.19.0pragmatic parsing and emitting of HTML using SXML and SHTML
wak-irregex0.8.1Portable regular expressions
wak-parscheme0.0.0-akku.7.e9e25f9Parser combinator library
wak-prometheus2.0.0-akku.6.965fc7ePrototype-based message-passing object system
wak-riastreams0.0.0-akku.5.b444645Lazy streams
wak-ssax5.1.0-akku.4.1f7fad4Functional XML parsing framework
wak-sxml-tools0.0.0-akku.1.5c14730Tools for manipulating SXML
wak-syn-param0.0.0-akku.4.8ca3272Operators with extended parameter syntax
wak-testeez0.2.0Lightweight Unit Test Mechanism
wak-trc-testing0.0.0-akku.6.8168507Simple testing facility
wak-wt-tree0.0.0-akku.5.2a2c933Weight-balanced trees
xitomatl0.0.0-akku.208.62a8243Monorepo with various libraries
xunit0.0.0-akku.21.0b4ede2xUnit test utility
(yasos)1.0.1simple objects
yxskaft0.2.0Tiny X client library
zabavno0.2.080386 real-mode CPU and PC emulator