akku 0.4.1

Language package manager for Scheme

Akku.scm is a language package manager for Scheme. It grabs hold of code and vigorously shakes it until it behaves properly.

 - Separately declare your dependencies and locked versions.
 - One command to install everything needed for a project.
 - Project-based, installs your locked dependencies to a single library directory.
 - Scan repositories for R6RS/R7RS libraries, even multiple per file, and copy them to the right file paths for any supported Scheme.
 - Resolve all Scheme files needed for compilation and scan them for license notices.
$ akku install akku
$ source .akku/bin/activate


Göran Weinholt





Source code

https://github.com/weinholt/akku.git git
Tag: v0.4.1