wak-foof-loop 0.0.0-akku.4.a7b9cd8

Extensible looping library

foof-loop allows for convenient expression of loops.

It contains built-in iterators for numeric ranges, lists, vectors and ports. It is extensible by adding new iterators, for example for traversing other data structures.

$ akku update
$ akku install wak-foof-loop
$ .akku/env

Taylor R. Campbell

Uploaded to Akku by Göran Weinholt


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Source code

https://gitlab.com/weinholt/wak-foof-loop.git git

Package contents

  • (wak foof-loop nested) R6
    • → iterate* iterate iterate! iterate-values parallel nested recur* recur lazy-recur* lazy-recur recur-values collect-list collect-list-reverse collect-list! collect-list-into! collect-stream collect-vector collect-vector-of-length collect-string collect-string-of-length collect-display collect-sum collect-product collect-count collect-average collect-minimum collect-maximum
    • ← (rnrs) R6
    • ← (rnrs mutable-pairs) R6
    • (srfi :1) SRFI
    • (srfi :8 receive) SRFI
    • ← (wak riastreams)
    • ← (wak foof-loop)
    • ← (wak private include)
  • (wak foof-loop) R6
    • → loop lazy-loop for with until let let-values while listing listing-reverse appending appending-reverse listing! listing-into! summing multiplying maximizing minimizing initial up-from down-from to by in-list in-lists in-vector in-vector-reverse in-string in-string-reverse in-port in-file
    • ← (rnrs) R6
    • ← (rnrs mutable-pairs) R6
    • (srfi :8 receive) SRFI
    • (srfi :45 lazy) SRFI
    • ← (wak syn-param)
    • ← (wak private include)

Version history

  • 2018-06-19 ~ 0.0.0-akku.4.a7b9cd8
  • 2018-04-07 ~ 0.0.0-akku.3.57f2caf