wak-htmlprag 0.19.0

pragmatic parsing and emitting of HTML using SXML and SHTML

HtmlPrag provides permissive HTML parsing and emitting capability to Scheme programs. The parser is useful for software agent extraction of information from Web pages, for programmatically transforming HTML files, and for implementing interactive Web browsers.

HtmlPrag emits 'SHTML,' which is an encoding of HTML in SXML, so that conventional HTML may be processed with XML tools such as SXPath. Like Oleg Kiselyov's SSAX-based HTML parser, HtmlPrag provides a permissive tokenizer, but also attempts to recover structure. HtmlPrag also includes procedures for encoding SHTML in HTML syntax.

$ akku update
$ akku install wak-htmlprag
$ .akku/env

Neil Van Dyke

Uploaded to Akku by Göran Weinholt


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Source code

https://gitlab.com/weinholt/wak-htmlprag.git git

Package contents

  • (wak htmlprag) R6
    • → html->shtml html->sxml html->sxml-0nf html->sxml-1nf html->sxml-2nf make-html-tokenizer make-shtml-entity parse-html/tokenizer shtml->html shtml-comment-symbol shtml-decl-symbol shtml-empty-symbol shtml-end-symbol shtml-entity-symbol shtml-entity-value shtml-named-char-id shtml-numeric-char-id shtml-pi-symbol shtml-start-symbol shtml-text-symbol shtml-token-kind shtml-top-symbol tokenize-html write-shtml-as-html
    • ← (rnrs) R6
    • ← (rnrs mutable-pairs) R6
    • ← (wak private include)
    • (srfi :6 basic-string-ports) SRFI

Version history

  • 2018-05-13 ~ 0.19.0