wak-irregex 0.8.1

Portable regular expressions

A fully portable and efficient implementation of regular expressions, supporting both POSIX syntax with various (irregular) PCRE extensions, as well as SCSH's SRE syntax, with various aliases for commonly used patterns.

$ akku update
$ akku install wak-irregex
$ .akku/env

Alex Shinn

Uploaded to Akku by Göran Weinholt





Source code

https://gitlab.com/wak/wak-irregex.git git

Package contents

  • (wak irregex) R6
    • → irregex string->irregex sre->irregex string->sre maybe-string->sre irregex? irregex-num-submatches irregex-search irregex-match irregex-match-data? irregex-match-num-submatches irregex-match-substring irregex-match-start-index irregex-match-end-index irregex-match-subchunk irregex-replace irregex-replace/all irregex-split irregex-extract irregex-fold make-irregex-chunker irregex-search/chunked irregex-match/chunked irregex-fold/chunked irregex-quote irregex-opt sre->string
    • ← (rnrs) R6
    • ← (rnrs mutable-strings) R6
    • ← (rnrs mutable-pairs) R6
    • ← (rnrs r5rs) R6
    • ← (wak private include)

Version history

  • 2018-04-07 ~ 0.8.1