swish 0.0.0-akku.259.842f51f

Swish Concurrency Engine (like Erlang/Node)

The Swish Concurrency Engine is a framework used to write fault-tolerant programs with message-passing concurrency. It uses the Chez Scheme programming language and embeds concepts from the Erlang programming language. Swish also provides a web server.

This package provides swish, swish-build and swish-test. Try running swish with and enter this expression to start up a web server that serves files from the ./web directory:

  (parameterize ((http-port-number 8080)) (http-sup:start&link))

More information, including a manual, is available on the homepage.

This package requires Akku 0.4.0+ and Chez Scheme 9.5.2+. It is quite experimental and unlike any other Akku package. Any problems or requests for the packaging go to Akku's bug tracker! If installation doesn't work then try to debug it with "env AKKU_LOG_LEVEL=debug akku install".

$ akku install swish
$ .akku/env


Bob Burger

Chris Payne

Oscar Waddell



Source code

https://github.com/becls/swish.git git