(chibi term ansi) 0.9.0

A library to use ANSI escape codes to format text and background color, font weigh, and underlining

This Snow package is federated from http://snow-fort.org/. Installation requires Akku >=0.5.0.

Original license field: (bsd)

Maintainers: Alex Shinn <alexshinn@gmail.com>.

$ akku update
$ akku install "(chibi term ansi)"
$ .akku/env

Alex Shinn





Package contents

  • (chibi term ansi-test) R7
    • → run-tests
    • ← (scheme base) R7
    • ← (scheme write) R7
    • ← (chibi term ansi)
  • (chibi term ansi) R7
    • → black-escape red-escape yellow-escape green-escape blue-escape cyan-escape magenta-escape white-escape rgb-escape gray-escape rgb24-escape reset-color-escape black-background-escape red-background-escape yellow-background-escape green-background-escape blue-background-escape cyan-background-escape magenta-background-escape white-background-escape rgb-background-escape gray-background-escape rgb24-background-escape reset-background-color-escape black red yellow green blue cyan magenta white black-background red-background yellow-background green-background blue-background cyan-background magenta-background white-background bold underline negative italic strikethrough rgb rgb-background gray gray-background rgb24 rgb24-background bold-escape reset-bold-escape underline-escape reset-underline-escape negative-escape reset-negative-escape italic-escape reset-italic-escape strikethrough-escape reset-strikethrough-escape ansi-escapes-enabled?
    • ← (scheme base) R7
    • ← (scheme write) R7
    • ← (scheme process-context) R7

Version history

  • 2020-08-02 ~ 0.9.0
  • 2019-03-26 ~ 0.7.4