(rapid set) 0.1.0

Sets and bags compatible with SRFI 113

This Snow package is federated from http://snow-fort.org/. Installation requires Akku >=0.5.0.

Original license field: (gpl3)

Maintainers: Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen <marc@nieper-wisskirchen.de>.

$ akku update
$ akku install "(rapid set)"
$ .akku/env

Marc Nieper-Wißkirchen



Package contents

  • (rapid set-test) R7
    • → run-tests
    • ← (scheme base) R7
    • ← (scheme char) R7
    • ← (rapid test)
    • ← (rapid comparator)
    • ← (rapid set)
  • (rapid set) R7
    • → set set-unfold set? set-contains? set-empty? set-disjoint? set-member set-element-comparator set-adjoin set-adjoin! set-replace set-replace! set-delete set-delete! set-delete-all set-delete-all! set-search! set-size set-find set-count set-any? set-every? set-map set-for-each set-fold set-filter set-remove set-partition set-filter! set-remove! set-partition! set-copy set->list list->set list->set! set=? set<? set>? set<=? set>=? set-union set-intersection set-difference set-xor set-union! set-intersection! set-difference! set-xor! set-comparator bag bag-unfold bag? bag-contains? bag-empty? bag-disjoint? bag-member bag-element-comparator bag-adjoin bag-adjoin! bag-replace bag-replace! bag-delete bag-delete! bag-delete-all bag-delete-all! bag-search! bag-size bag-find bag-count bag-any? bag-every? bag-map bag-for-each bag-fold bag-filter bag-remove bag-partition bag-filter! bag-remove! bag-partition! bag-copy bag->list list->bag list->bag! bag=? bag<? bag>? bag<=? bag>=? bag-union bag-intersection bag-difference bag-xor bag-union! bag-intersection! bag-difference! bag-xor! bag-comparator bag-sum bag-sum! bag-product bag-product! bag-unique-size bag-element-count bag-for-each-unique bag-fold-unique bag-increment! bag-decrement! bag->set set->bag set->bag! bag->alist alist->bag
    • ← (scheme base) R7
    • ← (scheme case-lambda) R7
    • ← (rapid list)
    • ← (rapid receive)
    • ← (rapid generator)
    • ← (rapid comparator)
    • ← (rapid assume)
    • ← (rapid mapping ordered)

Version history

  • 2019-03-26 ~ 0.1.0